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Boiler breakdowns in Andover, Weybridge and Cobham

At "UK Engineers" we understand that being without heat and hot water can cause a great deal of undue stress within households, that is why we aim to respond to all Boiler Breakdowns in Andover, Weybridge and Cobham within 2 Hours.

We offer an emergency boiler repair service 24/7 to attend your boiler breakdown and restore it to full working order.Our dedicated team of skilled Engineers take great pride in identifying your fault as quickly as possible, normally within the first 2 hours of attending your property.

All our engineers are local, fully trained and experienced on all the major makes of Boiler and can fix your boiler breakdown quickly, efficiently and rep

A guide below to boiler breakdowns.
Combination Boiler

  • No hot water : Firstly is boiler firing up when calling for water, if yes check flow and return on boiler, if flow or return on boiler hot , likely to be diverter. ( there are other causes, like blocked plate to plate/Boiler)
  • Calling for hot water but not firing up : Likely cause to be flow switch. (but can be Micro switch not making due to diaphragm split, or pump not working to 100% due to dirty system).
  • Boiler not firing up : is it sparking, if so, does it fire up go out, fire up again go out and lock out. Likely to be flame detection/electrode (but could be gas valve).
  • Boiler not working on hot water or heating : Called for hot water and heating, boiler not firing, check to see if fan is working, if not check voltage to fan, if you have 240 volts to fan, but not working then the fan is the cause, no voltage to fan means the main PCB board is the fault.
  • Boiler not working no lights on controls : Called out to boiler not working, no lights on boiler controls. Check fuse on main 3 amp spur and fuse on main PCB board, if these are ok then replace PCB board (some boilers have more than one PCB board so further checks may be needed to fit correct board if more than one).
  • Boiler overheating : Called out to boiler overheating, main cause for this, dirty systems. The dirty system can cause many issues within the boiler, from pump, diverter to plate to plate to name a few.