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Commercial Catering Appliances


Deep Fat and Pressure Fryers Appliances covered - Bratt Pans, Griddles, Grills, Salamanders, Simulated Charcoal, Over/Under fired.


Introduction Tests the gas safety competence of an operative in the work of install, commission, exchange, disconnect, service, repair, and break down non-domestic catering appliances with forced draught gas burners. CBs and ACs may adopt Competence and Criteria numbering different to that used in this document. CB and AC documentation may adopt wording for criteria different to that used in this document, provided the meaning is unaffected. Appliance range All catering appliances using forced draught burners e.g. Lincoln Impinger II Conveyor Ovens.

Who can repair and service equipment?

The short answer is: not the odd-job man. When manufacturers sell kitchen equipment and offer a guarantee, it comes with conditions of servicing. Kitchen equipment is often very technical and needs a trained and accredited service engineer to keep it running and comply with the terms of the guarantee. If it breaks down and a chef calls on the guarantee for cost-free repairs, without evidence of accredited servicing the guarantee could be invalid.

When it comes to servicing and repairing kitchen equipment the law is clear. The only people who can install and maintain a gas-powered piece of kitchen equipment must be registered with the Government-run safety scheme, the Council for Registered Gas Installers, better known by its acronym of Gas safe. To let someone work on gas kitchen equipment without that accreditation is dangerous and illegal.

To make things even more complicated, in addition to the core competence there are several modules, or levels of gas safe accreditation, that an engineer should have. For example, work on a combi-oven needs a different assessment from the one needed to install and service a fryer. It is important to check that anyone servicing gas has the right accreditation for the equipment that they will be working on.

UK Engineers are fully qualified in Comcat 1, 3, 4, 5. We can cover all your needs within the commercial kitchen.